What ho fellow wordpressers and interweb addicts

As our first foray into the world of blogging as amusers, provocateurs, connoisseurs of good taste and *gulp* prestidigitators, we would like to throw a couple of names in here who may end up contributing to the elusively sumptuous posts to follow.

The “we” here refers to the blog’s URL. Studio Five Pictures is a small gang of New York based film enthusiasts who have their own production studios in the lower west regions of Manhattan. As a production company, our curiosities are aroused by anything film related – acting, designing, lighting, or even the silver lining of a turgid day of shoot, such as the coffee shop, the excessive cigarettes, the rampant cursing, or the lavatory – a palette to satisfy most preferences. But what it also means is what we also take a great interest in the contents of the films we direct and produce. This can range from literature, politics, psychology, religion, history, the etiquettes of drinking whisky or the differences between a proper swear and an ill-placed one. Thus by exploring and extrapolating the themes of our films, we hope to provide at least slither of personal satisfaction to the readers of this blog.

The chief contributors of this blog may be twofold, with the possible occasional guest appearances. The writer of these sentences is one of them. Myself – I’m Abhinav, or Abhi, or AB. I read a lot, write a lot, have a propensity towards using many words to describe something when few would do (no, no! not superfluity.) And for the most part, I will be the main person to preside over these pages.

The other contributor to this blog is Yunus Shahul. Yunus is a director and producer for the studio and has numerous short-films as producer and director under his belt. Rather than me rambling on about his achievements, I’ll let his reel do the talking. A sneak peak into the possible pleasures and satisfactions that is soon to unfold.

Signing out.


Yunus Director’s Reel


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