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Meditation on the Beautiful

Courtesy: www.breatheinyoga.com
Courtesy: http://www.breatheinyoga.com

In Arthur Evelyn Waugh’s novella, The Loved One, there is a cutting piece of commentary concerning a lady whose habit it is to bite her fingernails. The duty of responding (via letter) had fallen on Mr. Slump – a gloomy man who on good days required the chain smoking of cigarettes to palliate his throat, and on bad, tended to regurgitate things he never knew he had swallowed.

Mr. Slump asks his secretary: “Here’s another one from the woman who bites her nails. What did we advise last time?”

“Meditation on the Beautiful,” quips the secretary.

“Tell her to go on meditating.”

What on the surface may sound like a piercing comment might have more to it now, especially with the rising number of studies and researches published on meditation and how certain tools to shift our attention can physically rewire our neural connection. We know from brain scans that the phenomenon of neuroplasticity is real and tangible. That the structure of the brain responds to changes in behavior and through the uses of our attention seems obvious enough. But after having had my own recent dose of “meditation on the beautiful,” I hereby present a few observations that are pridominantly variations of the theme on the bullet-point ‘benefits’ of meditation. This I hope would provide greater depths of insight and motivation for you readers to cultivate this habit, at least couple of sessions a day.

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